Agata Krajewska

Yoga Teacher

My adventure with yoga started back in Poland, while I was trying to fix a dodgy lower back and landed on the mat in a very first Ashtanga class. The back got fixed but unexpected change in the mind was what really kept me going. After moving to London and trying every single yoga style possible, I found Rocket system, which I am cultivating & teaching until today.

Rocket Yoga is a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga consisting of Surya Namaskar, standing poses, seated poses, twists, and bends. It is fast-paced and has a dynamic flow. Having done over 400hrs of training in Rocket, Yin with The Yoga People and Ashtanga with David Swenson, I embraced to the strong and playful spirit of Rocket whiles keeping the focus on breathing and meditation practices.

Apart from Rocket Yoga I also teach Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga


450Hrs RYT certified yoga teacher:
200Hrs Ashtanga Yoga,
100Hrs Yin Yoga,
100Hrs Ashtanga Intermediate series w David Swenson,
50Hrs Rocket Yoga