Kat Polski

Yoga Teacher

I discovered yoga in 2012 when looking for ways to release stress and tension from my demanding corporate job but also to simply get fit. I was so impressed with the effect yoga had on my body and mind that I decided to become a teacher in 2016 and soon after made it a full-time job.

I teach with an intention to help others discover the benefits of yoga as a tool to connect with themselves.  I’m passionate about a holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health. In my       teachings I strive to combine yoga with healthy diet, mindfulness, psychotherapy and neuroscience amongst other disciplines and techniques.

For a dynamic type of yoga, you can expect a playful yet challenging sequence with an emphasis on breath and accompanied by an upbeat contemporary music.

For a slow and restorative practice there is Yin yoga targeting not only the muscles but also the connective tissues and fascia, increasing flexibility, circulation and the flow of energy. In addition to the physical benefits it also helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system and calm everything down.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi you will find yourself in a safe and fun space and the yoga you get will be tailored to what it is that you need.


480Hrs RYT certified yoga teacher:
200Hrs Ashtanga & Rocket Yoga w The Yoga People
100Hrs Ashtanga Intermediate Series w David Swenson
100Hrs Advanced Rocket w The Yoga People
50Hrs Power Flow Yoga, Advanced School of Svadhyaya w Michael Eley and Charlotte Welfare
30Hrs Yin Yoga, Meridian Theory, And 5 Element Healing w Norman Blair and Kate Henley