Nazeeha Ahmed


Having been brought up in our own family resorts since the early 80s I have always had an innate hospitality nature. Many holidays spent on resorts led me to seek an education in hospitality. I received my Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management in Switzerland and went on to study further for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration.

Since graduating I have been working in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, including working in different countries and different types of establishments from international chains to family owned hotels.  Straight after graduating I started work in Hilton, London, UK. I have experience in food & beverage operations, hotel events & banquet organising, managing hotels and restaurants.

I have always wanted to share the beauty of the Maldives. I co-founded a company Cruise Maldives and built a liveaboard for diving and surfing particularly for our tourists to explore the unspoilt underwater world. Our first liveaboard Theia, a contemporary eight-bedroom vessel was launched in 2010. In 2017 Theia was sold to a company that hired Theia and fell in love with her.

I am also very passionate about my own wellbeing and I am a strong advocator of cultivating a healthy mind, body and soul. For me health is not only about exercise and diet, our mind and body are interrelated and effects each other, one cannot lead a healthy lifestyle without a healthy mind and soul. I am also a member of the steering committee of Mission Fit Maldives, a campaign initiated by the government of the Maldives to promote healthy lifestyle.


Marketing Communication, University of Westminster, London, UK
Hotel & Restaurant Administration, Washington State University, Brig, Switzerland
Swiss Higher Diploma in Hotel Management, Cesar Ritz, Brig, Switzerland