Phoebe Liebling

Nutritional Therapist

As a form of Functional Medicine, Nutritional Therapy looks to assess individuals as whole entities; an interconnected web of diet, lifestyle & environmental factors that combine to influence our physical & emotional wellbeing.

Having initially worked within private oncology clinics I found myself enthralled in the complexities of how the workings of our digestive system & mental health are so closely intertwined. This fascination naturally led to a speciality in this, as well as offshoots such as optimising cognitive function, sleep & anxiety disorders, the impact of chronic stress, hormonal/fertility issues & immune dysfunction. In addition to my clinical work I head the education & product development teams of notable food & supplement brands, lecturing on the issues I list above as well as formulating products targeted at promoting optimal mental wellness.

Being a keen sportsperson, I also stress the importance of incorporating appropriate & tailored forms of physical activity into the guidance I give. No one size will fit all & often those leading outwardly looking healthful regimes can in fact be doing themselves a disservice when their exercise (or lack thereof) is considered in the context of the rest of their health picture.

My clinical approach is very much centred in whole body holistic assessment, personalisation & education to offer long term, maintainable change.


BSc (Hons) Environmental Geology DipNT (Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy)


British Association of Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy Naturopathic Nutrition Association
Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
General Naturopathic Council