Rachel Louise Cordingley

Professional Decluttering & Home Organising Expert

I have been decluttering and organising for as long as I can remember and seen how excess belongings and a disorganised home can cause stress and overwhelm people. I am not a minimalist, but I do like everything to be in its rightful place and have a sense of order. I have found this to help me save time and be more efficient in all aspects of my life.

Whilst I had a successful career in recruitment for twenty years, I was always being complimented by my colleagues, friends and family for my organisational skills including how I kept my own home organised. Following requests, I started helping my friends and family to organise their own homes and offices. I found my calling when I realised that my natural expertise of re-organising people’s homes and offices was making a hugely positive impact on their lives and wellbeing.

I trained to the United Kingdom’s Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers’ standard two years ago and since have been professionally organising people’s homes. I am conscientiously eco-friendly, being aware of human behaviour and the impact of waste on the planet and its future so I always seek to recycle or re-use to reduce landfill.

I have worked with an array of clients from ones who found themselves overwhelmed and in need of assistance to declutter and organise themselves or ones who wished to be even more organised to improve their daily output and wellbeing further. Every job no matter how great or small is do-able and I work with my clients respecting their own wishes and styles for re-organising their desired physical spaces resulting in my clients’ words, “a calmer mind”. I am excited about working with Aequi clients as I have witnessed the benefit of people getting their homes and offices more organised resulting in a positive impact on their lives.


BA (Hons) Business Studies, Birmingham City University (in conjunction with La Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)


APDO, the UK’s membership association for decluttering and organising professionals
ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) on the Data Protection Public Register