At the retreat our clients will be guided to better understand their mental wellbeing through one-to-one daily sessions with our on-site team.  Through the wealth of experience in our varied professional backgrounds, our team will work with the client to develop an approach to living that draws on their personal strengths and resilience.  We will integrate psychological and holistic approaches to self-care to help our clients feel more able to manage life’s challenges and together think how they can take this experience with them into their lives.

We take a maximum of 6 clients at a time to ensure the high ratio of one-to-one dedication to our clients during the retreat. We will be complying with COVID-19 safety measures for our clients and our team. Our on-site professionals will include a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist and a yoga teacher. The rest of the team will be available virtually should it be required; for example our nutritionist may suggest a follow-up session during the retreat if this is particularly important and desired by a client.